Floor Lifts & Slings

Floor Lifts & Slings

Product Description

Patient lifts and slings are an essential part of home health care when a person requires help getting out of bed, getting up from a sitting position or when they need help moving from one spot to another.

Installing patient lifts and slings can prove invaluable to the comfort of both the caregiver and the patient, increasing the quality of life for those who have advanced mobility issues, and enabling those who are temporarily or permanently disabled to remain in their homes rather than having to relocate to a nursing home. However, there are many types of patient lifts and slings available, and choosing the right one depends on several factors. For example, there are specific patient lifts and slings available for toilet transfers while others are designed for additional head support. The patient’s size, weight and medical condition should always be considered when considering the purchase of a patient lift or sling.

  • Twist Post, portable
  • Available for rental
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